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Wat Buddhadhamadharo (aka. Wat Concord) residing at Concord, California was found to gratify and commemorate Ven Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, Asokaram temple, Samutprakan, Thailand, who was a significant disciple of Ven Luangpu Mun Bhuritatto a grand master of Thailand forest tradition Buddhism. In addition, this monastery is one of few official branch monasteries of Asokaram temple. 

Ven Roemchai Chinwangso with 37 vassa (years in robe), the abbot of Wat Buddhadhammadharo, has ordained into monkhood since May 18th, 1975 at Asokaram temple, Thailand.  He named the organization after the monastic name of Pra Sutthidham Rangsi Kampeera Mathajarn (aka. Ven Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo) at Asokaram Temple.  
 Wat Buddhadhammadharo
Wat Buddhadhammadharo resides at 1217 Babel Lane, Concord, CA 94518 on a 0.39-acres property, which comprises of two buildings—a monastic residence and a Dhamma hall, which also situates Buddha Metta Statue as its main Buddha statue
The monastery was found by devout Buddhists in Northern California (i.e. Concord, Oakland, San Francisco, and nearby cities), who were willing to have a Dhammayut Theravada Buddhist monastery in Bay area and northern California with following objectives.
1.   Be a residence for monks and Buddhist missionary monks in the US,
2.   Be a center for meditation practice and Buddhist rituals,
3.   Be a long term center to establish Buddhism aboard
4.   Be a center for devout Buddhists,
5.   Be a community center for education, tradition, and custom for Thais and Laos.
Past Major Event Milestones
Wat Buddhadhammadharo was originally known as Wat Oakland Buddhadhammadharo, since it originally resided in City of Oakland. Later, the monastery moved to City of Concord, so the city name got removed and just went by “Wat Buddhadhammadharo”.
  • June 19th, 2005: Dhammayut Sangha of USA approved Wat Oakland Buddhadhammadharo (now known as Wat Buddhadhammadharo) in California to be a monastic center number 44th in the US and approved Ven Ajaan Roemchai Chinwangso as a caretaker abbot.
  • June 17, 2006: Ven Ajaan Roemchai Chinwangso was officially appointed as an abbot of Wat Oakland Buddhadhammadharo
  • May 29th, 2007: The monastery was relocated to a temporary location for one month with a support of Ms. Panni Op-hat and Mr. Sanao Sinpo at 55 Bayview, Bay Point, CA 94565. Meanwhile, Ms. Olan Handy and the committee successfully completed the paperwork and process necessary to move in to the new permanent location.
  • June 27th, 2007: The organization was officially changed the registered name to Wat Buddhadhamadharo.
  • June 29th, 2007: Monastic members officially moved in and practiced religious ceremonies at Wat Buddhadhammadharo in Concord, CA. The new location is more suitable for our purposes in many ways, especially its larger lot size that could sufficiently support the growing group of devout Buddhists.
  • July 8th, 2007: The Buddha statue ‘Pra Buddha Metta Conquering Mala’ has been moved into the dhamma hall. The first annual meeting was held on the same day.
  • July 30th, 2007:  five monastic members stayed at the new location for the first rainy retreat.
    • Ven Ajaan Roemchai Chinwangso (Abbot)
    • Ven Maha Banlau Thanissaro, P.C. 8 (Currently residing at a monastery in Thailand)
    • Ven Luangpho Chokchai Issarataecho, (Currently residing at a monastery in Thailand)
    • Pra Anupap Jirawangso, (Disrobed)
    • Pra Rukkapol Kulwattano (aka Bhute Awang, currently an abbot for Wat Ohio Dhammaram)
  • November 4th, 2007:  first Kathina celebration with a great turnout.
  • Present (2012):  two monastic members at the monastery.
    • Ven Ajaan Roemchai Chinwangso (Abbot)
    • Ven Ajaan Sirichai Marchino
Due to its nature of a new monastery, there have been several improvement projects such as (1) Monastic residence of 1,141 sq. ft (2)   Dhamma hall of 550 sq. ft., which has been used to performed religious ceremony and ritual, as well as a center for education and tradition events, etc.  The improvement projects were focused on durability and ascetic of the building, which includes new flooring, painting, cement slap, etc
Monastic Members: The monastery has monks and missionary monks to conduct the teaching of lord Buddha, by abiding by Vinaya Pitaka (Precepts) and rules of Dhammayut Sangha of USA as its management philosophy. The abbot would be the lead in supervising and manage the development of all activities of the monastery. Other monks would assist and support to improve the organization efficiency. The main religious practice duty is as follows     
06:00AM Morning service and meditation 
10:00AM Offsite alms round 
10:30AM Food offering to monastic members 
06:30 PM Evening service and meditation 
Lay Community The lay committee would assist in miscellaneous tasks as needed. The monastery has been supported by devout Buddhists nearby all along with a principle of harmony and organization benefits.
Religious Ceremonies
Each month the monatery would held religious events such as merit making ceremonies on New Year’s day, Maka Puja, Worshipping Pra Buddha Metta, Vesak, Asalaha Puja, Rainy Retreat day, Mother’s day, Sart Thai day, End of Rainy retreat day, Kathina celebration day, Father’s day
Dhamma Teaching
The monastery focuses and encourages the practices of insight meditation mainly. Several thousands of dhamma books and CDs (in Thai and English) have been given out for free each year
You may send a check directly to the monastery, pay to ‘Wat Buddhadhammadharo’. You may also wire transfer to Account # 9341186743 CHASE BANK, Account name as “WAT BUDDHADHAMMADHARO”. You may pay with PayPal or a credit card or ATM card by clicking the button below.  
Wat Buddhadhamadharo has never been materialistic or  focused on the size of its facilities.
We focus on Buddha precepts, insight meditation to reach nirvana.



Wat Buddhadhammadharo 1217 Babel Lane Concord California 94518 USA.

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