"An Insight into Buddhism"-A TV program features an interview of Venerable Ajahn Suchart Abijato, regarding Buddhism concept, monk routine,  his life, and practice, etc. 

Briefly about Ven. Ajahn Suchard Abijato, he is an assistant abbot of Yannasang Wararam Temple, Chonburi, Thailand. He is one of the seven monks who is believed to be an anchor for forest tradition Theravada buddism in Thailand after Ven Maha Boowa's years. He was ordained at Bowon Niwet Vihara Temple in 1975. Later, he went to practice with Ven Luangta Maha Boowa at Baan Tad forest temple, Udorn Thani for nine years before moving to Yannasang Wararam Temple in 1984. One distinction of Ajahn Suchard, besides of Ven Maha Boowa's acknowledgement of his dhamma achievement, is his fluency in English. He was one of the Bhikkhus who helped in translation of several of Ven Maha Boowa's work into English. 

Special Thanks to Pattaya Mail TV 


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