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Ajaan Maha Boowa's Dhamma Talks in English Translation, Translated and Narrated by Ajaan Suchart Apijato  (from and

(Ebook) "From the beginning the Lord Buddha's example was the ideal of the Buddhist faithful. This can be seen from the way he practiced. He always spent his time living in the forest. When he renounced the home life, he went forth to lead the life of a forest dweller. No longer concerned about his princely status, he courageously and unflinchingly withstood the ordeal of his exertion in the practice of Dhamma. The modes of practice that he carried out always countered the flow of the mundane world. Following in his footsteps, the Lord Buddha's Arahant disciples also realized magga, phala and Nibbana while meditating in forest and mountain environments. Their renunciation and going forth into homelessness went against the grain of worldly life, and wholly in the direction of the transcendent Dhamma. Striving for enlightenment with unwavering diligence, they soon attained unsurpassed purity of heart. The Dhamma taught by the Buddha and his countless Arahant disciples, right down to the present day, is delivered in forest discourses that lead the listener away from the dangers of the world and toward transcendence and purity."

Audio Book of Forest Desanas
01 The Four Noble Truths
02 Wisdom Supports Samadhi
03 The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness
04 The Luminous Citta
05 Painful Feelings
06 Memory,Thought & Consciousness
07 Study vs Practice
08 The Asubha Practice
09 The Cause of Dukkha
10 The Path of Practice
11 The Importance of Mindfulness
12 Body Contemplation
13 Living in the Forest
14 Developing Wisdom
15 The Middle Way
16 The Power of Metta
17 The Value of a Teacher
18 Reflection on the Buddha
19 True Wisdom
20 Right Behavior









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