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“People should think about what their lives will be like if they don’t do meditation. They should consider what their lives will be like after 10, 20, 30 years if they decide to just follow the way of the world. What will their hearts be like then - what will they have of value in their hearts to bring true happiness into their daily lives and the lives of those around them. And what will they have developed in their hearts to carry on to the next life, because the next life is only as good as we make it in this life. If you don’t take advantage of your opportunity to do meditation in this life, why should you expect to get the same opportunity in the next life? You may not get such a good chance again.”  Teaching of Ven. Ajaan Paññavaddho 

This Dhamma collection consists of three parts 1) The Basics of Buddhist Practice, 2) Samadhi and Wisdom, and 3) Teachings for the Monks. This collection has been considered, by far, one of the most revered teachings of Western Buddhist monks. Thanks to the contents from 

Part 1: The Basics of Buddhist Practice
Introducing Buddhism
Introduction_to_the Sangha
The Five Precepts
Curing Discontent
The Training is Essential
Personal Impressions
The Nature_of_Feeling
Freedom in Dhamma
The Practice_of_Dhamma

Walking Meditation
Breaking Down Boundaries
Stopping Thoughts
Mindfulness is the Key
Practicing at Home
Interfaith Dialogue
Fundamentals of Buddhism
Fragment of a Teaching
Advice_to_Lay People
Developing Meditation
Kamma & Rebirth












Ebook transcribed from Part 1: The Basic of Buddhism




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