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Author: Acariya Maha Boowa, Translator : Bhikkhu Silaratano (

.....Acariya Mun was especially gifted as a motivator and teacher. Many of the monks who trained directly under his tutelage have distinguished themselves by their spiritual achievements, becoming well-known teachers in their own right. They have passed on his distinctive teaching methods to their disciples in a spiritual lineage that extends to the present day. As a result, the dhutanga kammatthana mode of practice gradually spread throughout the country, along with Acariya Mun’s exalted reputation. This nationwide acclaim began to escalate during the last years of his life and continued to grow after his death until he came to be considered a national “saint” by almost unanimous consent. In recent decades, he has gained recognition beyond the confines of his native land as one of the 20th century’s truly great religious figures.
Acariya Mun’s life epitomized the Buddhist ideal of the wandering monk intent on renunciation and solitude, walking alone through forests and mountains in search of secluded places that offer body and mind a calm, quiet environment in which to practice meditation for the purpose of transcending all suffering...

Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera-A Spiritual Biography
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