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Urgent!!!!: A group of 15 most revered disciple monks of Ven Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno (such as the abbot of Tiger temple in Thailand, several of them are believed to already attain Arahantaship,) would join a religious service, do alms round, and have a meal at Wat Buddhadhammdharo (Wat Concord) on Wednesday, June 1st, during 8:00AM-12:00PM such as

1) Ven. Narong Arjaro, Koksaton Forest Temple, Udonthani, 40 Vassa,
2) Ven. Jirawat Atta-rakkho, Chai Chumpol Forest Temple, Petchbura, 38 Vassa,
3) Ven. Suchin Pripoonno, Dhamma Satit Temple, Rayong, 37 Vassa,
4) Ven Boonmi Dhamma-Rato, Sattha Tawai Forest Temple, Udonthani, 36 Vassa,
5) Ven Jamras Chanta Choto, Chareon Samanakij Temple, Phuket, 34 Vassa,
6) Ven Mana Tawa Dhamma, Tum Wimanjia Monastery, Kalasin, 34 Vassa,
7) Ven Chalerm Dhammadharo, Phupak Forest Temple, Loey, 34 Vassa,
8) Ven Noppadol Nannatano, Doi Lap Nga Forest Temple, Kampangpetch, 33 Vassa,
9) Ven Jan Kanti Dharo, Luangta Maha Boowa Forest Temple (Tiger Temple), Kanchanaburi, 30 Vassa,
10) Ven Weerasak Mahasarn, Nakae Forest Temple, Udon Thani, 26 Vassa,

Wat Concord would want to extend this inviation to all devout Buddhists from near or far to pay respect, do merit, do almsround, dhamma talk as the schedule allows. This is literally a rare opportunity to come across to have renowned revered teachers to make a visit to the US in one time. 



Wat Buddhadhammadharo 1217 Babel Lane Concord California 94518 USA.

วัดพุทธธัมมธโร เมืองคอนคอร์ด มลรัฐแคลิฟอร์เนีย สหรัฐอเมริกา.